Foshan lift manufacturers: hydraulic lift daily maintenance key points

Release time:

Jan 09,2023

Foshan elevator manufacturers have stated that the key points for daily maintenance of hydraulic elevators vary at different time periods. Let's take a look together.
1、 Daily maintenance and upkeep
When maintaining the elevator, if necessary, the staff should enter the internal structure of the website and lift the elevator or carry maintenance support points to avoid sudden lowering of the elevator and causing accidents.
1. Carefully inspect the rollers, connecting shafts, and rolling bearings; Hydraulic cylinder sleeve and rolling bearings; The lubrication degree and damage condition of the telescopic arm shaft sleeve and rolling bearings;
2. Fill the above parts with lubricating grease. Increase the service life of rolling bearings;
3. Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that they will carefully inspect the oil quality and quantity of hydraulic oil. When the elevator reaches its maximum height, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50mm higher than the bottom of the oil tank. When the hydraulic oil encounters the following situations: the oil color becomes dark, the oil becomes sticky, or there are hard objects such as gravel in the oil, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil in a timely manner.
2、 Half year maintenance and upkeep
1. Carefully inspect the hydraulic pipelines and connectors. The oil pipeline must not be damaged, and the connection head must not be loose;
2. Carefully inspect the pump oil relief valve. After disassembling the next oil overflow valve, the plunger pump must be blown clean with compressed gas, washed with cooking oil, and then reinstalled.
3、 End of year maintenance
1. Carefully check the connection positions of the hydraulic system and pipelines. Once any damage is found to the pipeline, it should be promptly removed and replaced; When the connection position is loose, pay attention to tightening the three-way joint;
2. Remove and disassemble the descent valve for safety inspection, blow the valve core clean with air compression, and then reinstall it;
3. After draining all the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, open the oil tank, remove the internal oil suction filter for cleaning, wash it clean, and put it back into the oil tank. Assemble according to the origin, and fill the oil tank with new hydraulic oil again.
Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that hydraulic elevators should be regularly maintained and repaired within the specified date limit to avoid excessive damage or accidental damage to the elevators and causing harm. The maintenance of simple elevators generally adopts a protective, purposeful, and predictable daily maintenance work system.
1. Except for the phenomenon of requiring electricity consumption, it should be ensured that the main switch of the power supply is placed in the short-circuit position and locked.
2. In addition to routine maintenance and repair, it should be ensured that the doors of each floor and cargo box of the simple elevator are closed.
3. The escalator used for high-altitude operations must have anti slip measures and specialized monitoring.
4. When using fire in areas where fireworks are prohibited, it is necessary to apply for and handle the procedures for hot work operations, and equip corresponding fire-fighting equipment. Control or demolish flammable materials, use movable stainless steel plates and asbestos rubber plates to cover the flammable materials to prevent splashing flames from causing a fire.
5. Specific staff set warning signs on hydraulic lifting platforms.