Foshan lift manufacturers: the daily maintenance of hydraulic lifts

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Dec 09,2022


Foshan elevator manufacturers have stated that hydraulic elevators and hydraulic lifting platforms are commonly used machinery and equipment in industrial production, which can be used for left and right transportation of goods, making them convenient, fast, and significantly reducing human resource investment. Generally speaking, in hydraulic elevators that carry a large amount of load, if daily maintenance is not done well, it can also lead to the inability of the machine equipment to operate normally. So, what should be done for the daily maintenance and upkeep of hydraulic elevators?
1. Dismantling and replacing galvanized steel wire rope
One of the components of hydraulic elevators is galvanized steel wire rope, which plays a balancing role and moves along with the adjustment on the platform, resulting in certain damage. Therefore, it is suggested that many customers replace the galvanized steel wire rope every other period of time and apply lubricating grease to promote the longer service life of the galvanized steel wire rope.
2. Disassembling and replacing hydraulic oil
Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that hydraulic elevators belong to hydraulic machinery equipment and therefore require the use of hydraulic oil to lift and lower the platform. Hydraulic oil can also vaporize if left for a long time, which may cause the elevator to fail to rise. Therefore, after installing the machinery and equipment, the manufacturer informs customers about the approximate time to replace the hydraulic oil. Customers must follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damage to the hydraulic system, which may cause the elevator to be unusable.
3. Apply lubricating grease
The details of applying lubricant may be overlooked by many people, and some customers have used it for two years or have not applied lubricant. Some customers may think that I can still apply it, why is it so troublesome? Lubricating grease is usually applied to some parts of the machine, such as the slide rails, transmission chains, and galvanized steel wire ropes. Due to severe damage in these areas, adding grease can better reduce the level of damage, which can reduce the occurrence of problems in hydraulic elevators.
In addition to the above three points, attention should be paid to timely adjustment and inspection of machinery and equipment to ensure normal startup within a certain period of time, and to ensure that the system operates normally for a period of time as much as possible without any safety accidents.
Can the elevator be repaired by itself?
1. If the elevator suddenly cannot lift and it is very obvious that the motor is idling, this may be due to the motor reversing. At this time, adjusting the power plug twice can repair the normal adjustment of the elevator.
2. If the elevator cannot be adjusted and the main cause of motor reversal is eliminated, but all parts of the moving elevator are normal and no damage or impact marks can be found, you can check the brake system button in the hydraulic lifting platform. If this brake system button is pressed, the elevator will terminate and no adjustment can be made. Simply gently pull it back, and the elevator can resume adjustment.
3. The Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that if the power supply of the elevator suddenly loses power during the adjustment process, the gate valve next to the air pressure gauge can be twisted open to release the hydraulic pressure. The elevator will automatically lower, ensuring the safety of the lifting personnel. The hydraulic lifting platform will then be inspected for the cause of damage to the elevator.