Guangdong lift customization: the application of engineering lifts

Release time:

Nov 24,2022


Guangdong Elevator Customization Factory stated that the basic principles of application for engineering elevators and dual-use engineering elevators are the same. To understand the working principle of engineering elevators, it is necessary to understand what engineering elevators are.
Guangdong Elevator Customization Factory stated that the engineering elevator is a vertical transportation machinery that uses transmission gears and worm gear to move the elevator car for transporting personnel and materials. Strong adaptability and high engineering efficiency. Can be used for a long time for warehouses, ports, ports, vertical well buildings, etc., and can be used for industrial and industrial building raw material personnel and updates. Due to its characteristic of connecting relative heights and levels with the rise of buildings, it is widely used in construction engineering. Protective fences should be installed around the load-bearing safety passage in the hanging basket and roadbed, and other measures can be taken to maintain mobile and mobile elevators.
Guangdong Elevator Customization: How to protect the cables in engineering elevators from being damaged?
There are many configurations or cage type cable cables in engineering elevators. In order to reduce the probability of cable damage during use and increase its service life, some improvements will be made to itself. For example, thickening the plastic outer protective layer of the cable to enhance its elasticity can ensure that deformation does not occur when the entire cable is subjected to a relatively large torsional force; And remove the fine hemp rope padding inside the cable, so that when designing the outer protective layer of the cable skin, plastic needs to be embedded in the gaps of each copper core cable to improve the compressive strength of the entire cable.
Secondly, the winding method of the cable in the engineering elevator also needs to be slightly modified. The installation method of the two ends of the cable needs to be changed from first rolling in the circular cable cage to fixing the two ends of the cable first, and then rolling in the square cable cage; And before assembly, completely release the pressure on it, and then fix both sides of the cable in place, so that when the engineering elevator rises, most of it will not have self twisting conditions.
Guangdong Elevator Customized Factory stated that with the decrease of engineering elevator baskets, the cables are rolled into square cable cages. However, after a certain number of cables are inserted into the steering wheel of a certain car, the twisting force of the cables will reach a certain level, and the direction of cable rotation will also change. When the cables are rolled again, the twisting force of the cables will gradually be released.
But when the total number of cables obtained by turning counterclockwise also reaches a certain level, the reverse twisting force of the cable reaches a certain level, and the direction of cable rotation changes again. When turning again, the twisting force fork of the cable gradually releases, and the rotation target and twisting force of the cable change.
In addition, the circular cable cage in engineering elevators is often changed to a square shape because when the twisting force of the cable reaches a certain degree, the circular cage cannot easily cause a change in the direction of the cable's rotation. The square shape can use the obstruction at the 90 ° corner to reverse the direction of the cable, so that the twisting force of the entire cable will cause and then dissipate with the cable being coiled, and it will not cause damage to the cable.