Customized lift in Guangdong: what do I need to pay attention to when buying a lift?

Release time:

Nov 18,2022


Guangdong elevator customization manufacturers have stated that when purchasing elevators, they fully consider various factors such as the applicable range (cabinet countertop specifications, relative height of rise, net weight of load capacity), operating frequency, usage rate, etc., and choose suitable application regulations for intermediate level elevators. Conduct market research based on the formulated performance parameters. The prerequisite for selecting a supply manufacturer is also to consider the manufacturer's credibility, and the ability to provide after-sales service. As long as your elevator has good product quality, high-quality features, and complete safety devices, it can be selected at an affordable price.
After the delivery of the facilities, during the unpacking project acceptance, any technical documents should be checked for completeness and effectiveness, whether any spare parts, special tools, and accessories are consistent with the details, and whether there are any damages or defects to the machinery, equipment, and accessories. At the same time, a good record of unpacking acceptance should be kept.
Working principle of hydraulic press elevator:
The gear oil in the elevator is generated by an axial piston pump with a certain pressure, which enters the lower part of the hydraulic cylinder through an oil filter, explosion-proof electro-hydraulic directional valve, overflow valve, one-way throttle valve, and control valve, causing the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to move upwards and lift the lifting object. The pump oil above the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through an explosion-proof electro-hydraulic directional valve, and its standard pressure is adjusted according to the speed control valve. The pressure reading on the pressure gauge is observed.
Guangdong elevator customization manufacturer stated that the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder moves downwards (i.e. lowers the cargo). The gear oil enters the upper part of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electro-hydraulic directional valve, and the pump oil below the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the static balance valve, one-way throttle valve, overflow valve, and explosion-proof electro-hydraulic directional valve. In order to ensure the stability of the lifting object, the braking system can be trusted. A static balance valve is set on the pump oil road to balance the control circuit and maintain working pressure, so that the falling speed will not be changed by the lifting object. The flow rate is adjusted by the relief valve and the speed is controlled. In order to ensure the reliability of the braking system and avoid accidents, the one-way throttle valve, also known as the hydraulic lock, is raised to ensure safe locking in the event of accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline. Install an overweight voice control alarm to distinguish between overweight or mechanical malfunctions.
The customized manufacturer of Guangdong elevators stated that the home appliance control system controls the rotation of the motor based on explosion-proof buttons, and the explosion-proof electro-hydraulic reversing valve is switched to maintain load increase or decrease. The delay time is adjusted through the program process to prevent the motor from frequently starting and affecting its service life.
The application scope of elevators:
1. Having special requirements for objects that are relatively wide or long in volume.
2. The relative height of a general elevator should not exceed 25 meters.
3. Considering the economic practicality of machinery and equipment.
4. For installation methods that are restricted or auxiliary.
5. For goods transportation only.
6. Generally applicable for mechanical equipment transportation, textile, and industrial transportation.