Guangdong lift customization: what is called engineering construction lifts?

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Oct 25,2022

The customized manufacturer of Guangdong elevators stated that construction elevators are mostly composed of five components: basic, steel frame structure, driving mechanism, safety device, and electrical equipment system.
1、 Buffer device
Function: The shock-absorbing spring is installed on the spring seat connected to the foundation frame, so as to alleviate the impact of the construction basket in the event of a falling accident, and together ensure that the construction basket and the load-bearing are in soft contact when hitting the ground, thereby alleviating the impact of the construction basket and the load-bearing when hitting the ground.
Standard practice: There are two or three types of conical coil torsion springs or four cylindrical spiral springs on the bottom frame corresponding to each construction basket.
2、 Electrical equipment protection switch
1. Electrical interlocking travel switch
Function: Limit switch, also known as travel switch, is used to control the travel and positioning maintenance of industrial equipment. It is a household appliance that switches power based on the travel arrangement of moving parts.
Basic principle: One set of open and close, one set of normally open and normally closed.
Inspection method: Open the door and turn off the power.
2. Limit switch
Function: Disconnect the main power supply.
Basic principle: The power can be turned off by turning the crankshaft left and right. After the upper and lower limits are invalid, one end acts on the positioning iron in the standard section of the tower crane to turn off the power. It is an emergency stop switch that cannot be fully calibrated automatically.
Inspection standard: Turn left and right to turn off the power and terminate operation.
Guangdong elevator customization manufacturers have stated that with the progress of society, technology, and socio-economic development, there are currently too many types of elevators available on the market. However, do you know how to choose mobile elevators? Elevators have overcome some high-altitude operation problems and brought convenience to high-altitude operations. Let's take a look at how to choose mobile elevators.
1. Guangdong elevator customization manufacturer stated that when purchasing lifting machinery, do not blindly purchase it. It is necessary to conduct sufficient market research and visit to confirm the business scale and reputation level of their enterprise. This is also important and significant. Many small-scale companies in the sales market use substandard products as substitutes in order to profit from violent behavior, resulting in a significant decrease in the quality of regulated products. Although they may sell them very cheaply, this type of mechanical equipment is not used for a long time and has a high risk coefficient. Therefore, as consumers, we cannot only aim for a small price advantage and cause more shortcomings.
2. Based on your comprehensive research materials, choose a lifting machinery with better cost-effectiveness. You can choose from its performance parameters, aesthetics, and practicality. Generally, there are many types of lifting machinery, including (vehicle mounted, mobile, hydraulic, scissor, etc.). The main parameters and application fields are slightly different, but there are also many similarities in their functions. Therefore, as a consumer, you need to make purposeful purchases, What do you want to do when buying a lifting mechanism, and which type of lifting mechanism can meet your needs and has multiple main uses.
3. After the delivery of the facilities, during the unpacking project acceptance, any technical documents should be checked for completeness and effectiveness, whether any spare parts, special tools, and accessories are consistent with the details, and whether there are any damages or defects to the machinery, equipment, and accessories. At the same time, a good record of unpacking acceptance should be kept.