Guangdong lift customization: the form of hydraulic lift cooling

Release time:

Oct 31,2022

Guangdong Elevator Customization Factory stated that the high-frequency application of hydraulic elevators will cause the temperature of the elevator to be too high, which will affect work and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, how to efficiently reduce the temperature of hydraulic elevators to ensure their normal operation? How should the temperature of hydraulic elevators be lowered? Next, let me introduce it to you.
1. Hydraulic elevators can adopt environmental factors for temperature reduction, such as installing air conditioning in rooms to achieve ultra-low temperature effects by reducing the surrounding environmental temperature.
2. Hydraulic elevators can also use fans to blow on the hydraulic oil tank, or place cooling objects next to the oil tank. Although this method can solve the heat discharge problem of hydraulic elevators, it is very troublesome.
3. Transform the hydraulic press oil tank. The adjustment process of hydraulic elevators is a process in which hydraulic oil is injected into the hydraulic cylinder from the oil tank. If the oil tank is increased to lift the hydraulic oil, it can be very convenient to improve the heat dissipation problem.
How to quickly distinguish common faults in hydraulic elevators?
Guangdong Elevator Customization Factory stated that lifting platforms can often be seen in daily life. Hydraulic elevators are used in every aspect of our lives, and we always encounter various problems during use. Today, the editor will talk about how to quickly identify common faults in hydraulic elevators.
The purpose of on-site fault detection and handling in industrial production is to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic elevators, thereby ensuring the normal and smooth production order. The economic standards for on-site engineering also have a restraining effect on work practice, so fault detection should meet the following requirements:
1. The obtained results should be accurate and not misjudged, otherwise it will be difficult to detect faults and restore the lifting platform.
2. The longer the result obtained, the lower the cost and duration of the fault, and the higher the level of fault prevention. Therefore, fault diagnosis should not be too rough but should be as deep as possible.
3. There are too many interference factors on the spot, and excessive and complex instruments and equipment are relatively expensive and may not be usable. Generally, simple methods are used to analyze immediately. In order to reduce labor efficiency of workers and avoid adverse effects on the precision of hydraulic components during the disassembly process, it is necessary to try to prevent continuous disassembly. This requires finding small techniques in the workflow and statistical analysis methods.
4. Guangdong Elevator Customization Factory stated that the shutdown of the lifting platform usually leads to equipment interruption in all production workshops and even production lines. In such a situation, the work is carried out in a race against time to solve difficulties as soon as possible.
5. In order to avoid significant common faults and damages, workers have strong judgment and need to blow out their signs in the early stages and take effective measures to deal with them.