Foshan lift manufacturers: lift in the ascending state can be moved

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Feb 08,2023

Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that can the elevator be moved when it is in the raised state? When lifting a hydraulic lifting platform, the supporting feet must be firmly supported before adjustment. If you want to move it again after lifting, it mainly depends on the type of machine equipment.
Some elevators are able to operate while in a lifting state. Generally, this type is self-propelled, and a person standing on the desktop can control lifting, lowering, walking, and so on. But this kind of persistence cannot be done on flat ground, sloping roads, or uneven ground.
If you choose a general mobile scissor lift service platform or an aluminum alloy profile (melting point 660 ℃) lift, the support legs must be opened and fixed during operation before adjustment can be made. This type of system is strictly prohibited from moving during lifting, otherwise it may cause the machine equipment to be unstable and collapse.
Therefore, regardless of the type of hydraulic lifting platform machine equipment you use, it is necessary to strictly follow the user manual for operation and control. Before use, carefully read the instructions and clean according to the instructions to ensure safe and efficient high-altitude operations.
Foshan Elevator Manufacturer: Why Hydraulic Elevators Can be Trusted
Hydraulic elevators are a common type of regulating goods, which are very common in industrial factories, warehouses, and industrial production. They are industrial equipment with relatively stable relative regulation. The application of hydraulic elevators should be carried out in many maintenance devices such as hydraulic, electrical equipment, and hydraulic systems, with the characteristics of durability, safety, and firmness. It is currently a widely used lifting platform. How does a hydraulic elevator work?
1. The mobile hydraulic lifting platform is operated by a motor controlled button. First, the power is plugged in, and the switch power has a clear display light. Then, according to the transportation of the equipment, it needs to be raised or lowered. By pressing the corresponding button, the machine equipment can be adjusted left and right. It should be noted that before each application of the machine equipment, it is necessary to adjust the machine equipment left and right, observe the system's situation during the adjustment process, and start normally if there are no problems. It should be dealt with promptly.
2. If an emergency occurs during the use of a hydraulic lifting platform. For example, when there is a power outage, do not panic. Mobile hydraulic lifting platforms have clear emergency response measures. The use of tools will support the valve core at the support point, and then press the valve core inward with force to lower the hydraulic lifting platform.
3. When a mobile hydraulic lifting platform is in use, if any situation is found, the emergency stop button can be pressed. This button is set to avoid emergency situations on the hydraulic lifting platform, which is very safe and stable.