Foshan lift manufacturers: hydraulic lift failure detection methods

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Feb 23,2023

Foshan elevator manufacturers have stated that the logical relationship between common faults in hydraulic elevators and their continuous development is quite complex. In order to save time in fault detection, reduce the workload of the entire assembly and disassembly process, and avoid adverse effects caused by disassembly, do not blindly disassemble and inspect hydraulic components and components one by one without dividing the order. Fault detection personnel must observe the common parts of hydraulic faults and symptoms, Based on the regularity of common faults, there is a preference for sequential inspection of the internal structure of hydraulic devices to diagnose and eliminate common hydraulic faults.
The debris generated by the damage to the friction pairs inside the hydraulic components during long-term use of the system enters the hydraulic oil circulation system. As time goes by, the damage becomes more and more severe, and more and more debris is generated. When the debris flows back to the hydraulic oil tank through the return oil tank and passes through the pump oil filter, a part of the residue will adhere to the filter element, causing blockage of the filter core. The back pressure of the pump oil is too high, and the friction resistance of the pump oil increases, causing the hydraulic cylinder to become weak.
If hydraulic oil is not cleaned, there may be fine debris stored, which can also cause the rolling of the hydraulic valve core to be obstructed or even stuck. Factors such as insufficient remaining oil in the hydraulic oil tank, blockage of the oil removal filter, flattening of the oil delivery pipe, obstruction of oil removal, and low oil pressure can all lead to insufficient working pressure in the system.
Foshan elevator manufacturer: How to clean mobile elevators?
Mobile elevators are something that some technical professionals should be very familiar with and often need to be used in the construction process. Many operators have already understood every component of mobile elevators. However, long-term application and use of mobile elevators inevitably lead to dust accumulation, and oil and dirt are difficult to completely eliminate.
But how can we completely eliminate these oil stains and dirt?
Foshan elevator manufacturers state that mastering the correct methods can easily solve these problems. The cleaning oil used by everyone must maintain the same model and specifications as the mobile elevator, and the temperature of the oil should not be too high or too low, between 50 ° C and 80 ° C. During the cleaning process with cleaning oil, it is important to be careful and careful not to laugh at it. Many people only wash it once and then lose it. It is important to remember to wash it three times before introducing hydraulic oil into the car fuel tank of a mobile elevator. Otherwise, it may affect the service life of the mobile elevator.
Many people may find it too troublesome to thoroughly eliminate oil and dirt as mentioned by mobile elevators. However, in order to extend the service life of mobile elevators, it is necessary to do more maintenance work. I hope to help the necessary crowd.