Foshan lift manufacturers: how to use the scissor lift?

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Mar 09,2023

Foshan elevator manufacturer stated that scissor lifts are common machinery and equipment for outdoor high-altitude operations. They can be used not only outdoors, but also in sturdy rooms on the ground. Not only can it be used for installing billboards, but it is also useful for high-altitude cleaning and decoration. So today we will talk about how to use a scissor lift.
The scissor lift is divided into battery operation and AC current operation. When using a battery operated elevator, it can be directly adjusted according to the up and down buttons when fully charged. To choose an AC powered elevator, it is necessary to connect 380V AC power before adjustment. After the control cabinet of the elevator indicates that the power is connected, the adjustment work can be completed according to the button.
At the same time, the switch button of the scissor lift not only has a control cabinet on the ground, but also an operating handle on the hydraulic lifting platform. Users can adjust it while working to achieve a suitable relative height adjustment.
Foshan elevator manufacturer: What should I do if the switch button of the hydraulic elevator fails?
Hydraulic elevators are becoming increasingly common in daily life, and problems are inevitable during use. As an essential equipment for hydraulic elevators, controlling electrical appliances plays a crucial role. What should be done if the control electrical appliances fail during use?
The switch button of the hydraulic elevator is malfunctioning. Don't panic, you can solve it from the following four points:
1. Immediately turn off the power to prevent the rail type cargo elevator from continuing to work.
2. Open the electrical box and check if the electrical components are penetrating, damaged, or unable to be engaged. If there is any damage, seek professional maintenance workers for on-site inspection to avoid causing damage during work.
3. Check if there is any derailment in the middle of each connecting component of the hydraulic elevator. If it occurs, the faulty mechanical components should be removed and replaced.
4. If it is within the warranty period, please establish contact with the hydraulic lift manufacturer as soon as possible to report the situation and implement after-sales service.
Foshan Elevator Manufacturer: A Key Part of the Hydraulic Transmission System for Elevators
1. The driving force component is used to convert mechanical kinetic energy into hydraulic oil hydraulic energy, providing working pressure oil to the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform.
2. Control components, whose function is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical kinetic energy and export parallel line motion or rotational motion separately.
3. The function of the control components is to manipulate the pressure of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system separately. Flow and liquidity orientation to meet the requirements of control components for force, speed, and motion orientation.
4. Assist the components to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform hydraulic system.
5. A substance that transmits power through a medium.