Creating Harmony and Soaring Pearl River - 2008 Spring Festival Gala

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Oct 11,2021

On the evening of December 31, "Create a Harmonious the Pearl River" - the 2008 Spring Festival Gala was held in the Pearl River River Company, and all the company leaders and more than 400 employees watched the gala. The opening of this evening party is unique, with dance, cross-talk, skits, instrument performances, etc. The main focus is on diversifying and enriching the program, creating a good stage effect and on-site atmosphere. Among them, the most stunning is the "Era Charm" fashion show prepared by the business and procurement departments. The models dressed in either graceful or elegant, noble and elegant, or gentle and graceful outfits, allowing colleagues to enjoy a stunning visual feast and bringing the atmosphere of the party to a high tide. The party lasted for more than three hours, with a harmonious atmosphere and frequent climaxes, making a good start to 2008. I also believe that the Department of History and Sociology will create another brilliant year!