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WP series reducer is suitable for food, cooking machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, small textile machinery, rubber machinery...


WP series

Key words:

cathode material


1. WP series worm gear reducer follows the concept of modularization and optimization. The whole series of products include solid shaft input, IEC motor input and servo motor input; Solid shaft output, hollow shaft output, flange output, foot installation, flange installation, torque arm installation, etc; Various installation types; At the same time, it supports the modular combination and integration of two-stage reducer transmission and reducers of different models and specifications to meet the needs of customers with different transmission ratios; We can also design and manufacture personalized products according to customers' needs;

2. WP series worm gear reducer is characterized by low noise, low backlash, high precision, high efficiency, no oil leakage and fast delivery.

Product parameters:

Product specification: 40+70-135+200

Transmission ratio: 100-3600

Input power: 0.12-7.22KW

Output torque: 250-3950N. m


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