The 3rd Strong Pearl Cup Games

Release time:

Oct 09,2021


At 8:30 a.m. on December 31, the third Strong Pearl Cup Sports Competition was grandly opened in the warm applause of all the Pearl River River staff! This competition has a rich variety of events, including team tug of war, women's tug of war, men's tug of war, men's table tennis, chess, jump rope, women's three person four legged, men's three person four legged, hula hoop shaking and walking, relay race, 1000 meter long run, etc., attracting many athletes! After a whole day of intense competition, the awards for various competitions have been won. The athletes of the Pearl River are all happy. This conference is a united conference and a successful conference, which fully demonstrates the strong fighting spirit of the whole company's employees to be proactive, enterprising and brave to climb the peak. Although a day is short enough for us to unleash our passion, showcase our youth, and remember history, it can record a spirit and inherit a driving force. We need to carry forward the spirit of never giving up and never moving forward reflected in the school sports club in our future work and life. I hope that all employees of the company will bring the spirit of "higher, faster, and stronger" sports to their future studies, work, and life, and create excellent performance for the company's development and personal growth with full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and fighting spirit! From this perspective, the significance of this sports meeting is even more profound.