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1. WP series worm gear reducer follows the concept of modularization and optimization. The whole series of products include solid shaft input, IEC motor input and servo motor input; Solid shaft output, hollow shaft output, flange output, foot installation, flange installation, torque arm installation, etc; Various installation types; At the same time, it supports the modular combination and integration of two-stage reducer transmission and reducers of different models and specifications to meet the needs of customers with different transmission ratios; We can also design and manufacture personalized products according to customers' needs; 2. WP series worm gear reducer is characterized by low noise, low backlash, high precision, high efficiency, no oil leakage and fast delivery. Product parameters: Product specification: 50-200 Transmission ratio: 10-60 Input power: 0.18-22.6KW Output torque: 9-1782N. m


WP series

Key words:

cathode material


Product name: WPWKV worm gear reducer

product description:

WPWKV worm gear reducer is an efficient and precise transmission device that is widely used in various industrial fields to provide reliable power transmission and speed reduction functions for equipment. This series of reducers adopts high-quality worm gear transmission structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, stable torque output and low noise. It is an indispensable and important component in modern industrial automation production.

main feature:

High efficiency and energy saving: The WP series worm gear reducer adopts the worm gear transmission principle and has high transmission efficiency. It can input the input speed to reduce the required output speed, greatly saving energy consumption.

Smooth transmission: The worm gear transmission structure has good transmission stability, which can reduce vibration and noise and ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Compact structure: WPWKV worm gear reducer adopts precision design, is compact and easy to install, and is suitable for occasions with limited space.


Large torque output: The worm gear transmission has a large reduction ratio and can output large torque, and is suitable for occasions requiring large power output.

Durable and reliable: The reducer is made of high-quality materials and has undergone strict processing and quality inspection, so it has a long service life and reliable performance.

Application areas:

WPWKV worm gear reducers are widely used in various types of mechanical equipment in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, food, medicine, light industry and other industries, such as conveyors, mixers, cranes, coolers, packaging machines, etc., providing reliable equipment Power transmission guarantee.

Product parameters:

Product specification: 50-200

Transmission ratio: 10-60

Input power: 0.18-22.6KW

Output torque: 9-1782N. m


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