gear reducers

Gear reducers are common mechanical transmission devices used to slow down the speed of an electric motor or other power source and increase the output torque. Gear reducers usually consist of input shaft, output shaft, gear set, casing and other parts. Among them, the input shaft is connected to an electric motor or other power source, and the output shaft transmits the reduced speed to the required mechanical equipment. Gear reducers have the advantages of simple structure, high transmission efficiency, strong load-bearing capacity, and high reliability.

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RC gear reducer series

1. Modularization 2. Aluminum box, light weight, fast heat dissipation; 3. Gear carburizing treatment, fine grinding of tooth surface, low noise 4. 2-stage helical gear transmission, high efficiency 5. Various installation methods Application industry: Applicable to light textile, food, chemical, automatic storage equipment, environmental protection, logistics and other driving fields. Product parameters: Product specification: 01~04 Transmission ratio: 3.66~58.09 Input power: 0.12~4KW Output torque: 3~500N. m