worm gear motor

Worm gear motor is a common mechatronic transmission device, which is mainly composed of worm gear, worm, motor and other components. The worm gear motor has the characteristics of simple structure, small size and smooth torque transmission. It is suitable for occasions where space is limited and stable output speed and torque are required. Worm gear motor is widely used in various automation equipment, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, conveying machinery and other fields.

S series helical worm gear motor

1. Highly modular design: can be easily equipped with various types of motors or other power inputs. The same type of model can be equipped with a variety of power motors. Easy to realize the combination connection between various models Transmission ratio: fine division and wide range. Combined models can form a large transmission ratio, i.e., output very low speed. 2. 2. Long service life: Under the condition of correct selection (including the selection of appropriate use factor) and normal use and maintenance, the life of the main parts of the reducer (except wearing parts) is generally not less than 25,000 hours. The wearing parts include lubricant, oil seal and bearing. 3. 3. Low noise: The main parts of the reducer are precision processed and carefully assembled and tested, so the noise of the reducer is low. 4. High efficiency: The efficiency of gear reducer can reach 95%, and the efficiency of worm gear can reach 89%. 5. It can bear large radial load. 6. High strength and small size: The box body is made of high strength cast iron. Gears and gear shafts adopt gas carburizing quenching and fine grinding process, thus high bearing capacity per unit volume. Gears: material performance is not less than low carbon alloy steel 20CrMnTi; the blank is precision forged; the whole carburized and quenched and finely ground tooth surface, tested by gear testing center, the accuracy level is not less than GB10095-88 grade 6. Output shaft: material performance not less than 45# steel; overall quenching treatment, high-frequency quenching treatment of the oil seal position to ensure that the shaft is not easy to wear; all mating position using grinding technology. Bearings: mainly adopt domestic famous brand C&U, partly adopt imported bearing NSK. oil seal: input end adopts SKF oil seal, output end adopts NAK oil seal  Product parameters: Product specification: 37-97 Transmission ratio: 6.8-33818 Input power: 0.12-22KW Output torque: 11-4000Nm